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New support service for international talent wishing to live in the city

An expert facilitation team will be providing personalised support for people requesting this service for various procedures.

22/11/2021 - 15:31 h - Employment and jobs Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new service is aimed at people who invest in business projects, who wish to create and drive new businesses, and those who carry out scientific research activities, as well as highly qualified professionals and university students at degree, post-graduate or doctoral levels. At present, 22% of city residents were born abroad, a figure which grew by nearly 3% last year.

An expert facilitation team will provide personalised support for people requesting this service for procedures linked to residency and work permits, steps required for creation a business or investing in one, identity documents, access to housing, medical care and education, mobility and public transport, taxation and other practical matters for living in the city.

Pioneering talent recruitment service in the Spanish state

This initiative, developed through coordination between the Promotion of the City, Barcelona Activa and the Directorate for Information and Citizen Support, makes Barcelona the first city in the Spanish state with a service of this type, following in the footsteps of similar services in other large cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Hamburg.

The service also originates from the need to attract talent in key areas, particularly the ICT sector, recruiting talent in the form of local businesses, start-ups, multi-nationals, universities and research centres. The new service is part of the Barcelona Fàcil Plan, the roadmap for facilitating economic activity and promoting the link between businesses and talent in the city, as well as connecting international talent with the business ecosystem.

For more information and to access the Barcelona International Welcome Desk, visit the website.

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