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A boost for enterprise and innovation in the digital health sector

The collaboration agreement signed with the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) represents a move to make digital healthcare a strategic sector for the city’s economy. Other initiatives should attract talent and investments, at the same time making Barcelona a world leader in digital healthcare.

14/06/2022 - 14:22 h

The agreement reaffirms the city’s backing for digital healthcare as a strategic sector for the economy, the goal being to drive initiatives to support enterprise, innovation and business competitiveness, attracting and fostering talent and public-private alliances in the digital healthcare sector.

The spheres of action covered by the agreement mainly focus on support for the creation and growth of companies, fostering the transfer of technology in the sector and promoting talent in sciences, tech and business to gain competitiveness.

The collaboration agreement also seeks to forge alliances, with more international stakeholders and other cities and territories of excellence in this sphere.

Barcelona Health Hub

Barcelona Health Hub is a non-profit association which began life in 2018 with the mission of speeding up the transformation in digital healthcare and transfer in this sector. The hub currently promotes interaction between its 350 plus members, including start-ups, public and private healthcare, institutions, universities, large corporations and investors. The hub is located at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau site, occupies 5,000 square metres of space and is home to 33 start-ups, between them employing 184 workers.