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BforPlanet lays the foundations for sustainable and inclusive economic growth

First edition of the congress for economic stakeholders working for sustainability.

08/07/2021 - 15:54 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

Initiatives presented included:

MES Barcelona: promoting the installation of solar panelling on city rooftops as a means of sustainable energy. This public-private project involves an investment of over 160 million euros, 50 million of which is public funding.

Endolla Barcelona: the largest public electricity recharging network in the state, this initiative by B:SM currently has 555 recharging points all around the city.

Biomarket: the new Mercabarna wholesale market for bio, organic and sustainable produce.

Through the action plan for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the goal is to tackle current social, economic and environmental challenges, putting people and the planet at the centre.

Relaunching the economy

The event also presented action being taken to help reactivate the economy, promote vocational training programmes such as sectoral reskilling, procurement and contracts with programmes such as the B-Crèdits, which offers small loans of 12,500 euros, the CreaFeina Plus job creation initiative and services offered by Barcelona Activa’s Business Support Office.

The sustainable and inclusive goals coincide with the economic agenda for 2020-2030, reflected in the Barcelona Green Deal.