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Record attendance at Barcelona International Community Day

The ninth edition of Barcelona International Community Day further established this event, attracting over 5,000 visitors and some twenty exhibitors. The purpose of the day is to facilitate the integration of the foreign community living and working in Barcelona.

22/10/2022 - 16:25 h - City Council Ajuntament de Barcelona

The number of visitors at this year’s Barcelona International Community Day was up by 40% compared to 2021. The event offered a programme of activities and talks with experts and professionals of 27 different nationalities. It included talks and practical workshops on what foreigners coming to live and work in the city need to know, as well as tools and resources for doing business and career development.

At present, 29% of city residents were born abroad, with 481,658 people from 176 different countries. Of these, 42.7% have university qualifications or a higher training qualification.

Barcelona International Community Day forms part of a comprehensive plan by the City Council with fifty measures to attract talent and foster loyalty and dynamism among international residents in the city.

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