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Thirty initiatives to promote Barcelona around the world

Barcelona City Council positions the city's economy at a world level through initiatives abroad, where companies and investors are informed about the opportunities offered by the city.

08/11/2022 - 11:38 h

This year, Barcelona City Council’s City Promotion team has planned 30 trips abroad to promote the city’s strategic sectors, including technology and digital, scientific activity and innovation, creative industries, design and architecture. The aim is to encourage foreign companies to establish themselves in the city, attract new talent and position Barcelona as a welcoming city in terms of the world economy.

In October, Barcelona took part in the following international events:

Expo Real: 4-6 October, Munich

The city took part in this leading European property fair as part of a collaboration agreement with Incasòl and the AMB. The event is a meeting place for private investors and cities and regions that wish to showcase their urban development model in order to attract investment. Barcelona presented its Barcelona Green Deal 2030 economic agenda for creating the city of the future.

Barcelona Catalonia Bridge: 9-12 October, Mexico City

The capital of Mexico hosted this economic-promotion mission to attract international talent and investors from South America, as well as promoting opportunities between the two cities. The programme was jointly organised with the ACCIÓ office in Mexico City, and was based on four main vectors: talent, design and creative industries, science and technology and tourism.

World Routes: 15-18 October, Las Vegas

The fair brings together the world’s major airline companies and airports, who are seeking business opportunities for opening new international routes. Barcelona took part with AENA, Aeroports de Catalunya and the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona. They worked on attracting new intercontinental links with organisations in China, the USA, South East Asia and the Middle East, among others.

Foro de Marcas País: 27-28 October, Montevideo and Punta del Este

Barcelona is the only city forming part of the Consejo Iberoamericano de Marca País, made up of 16 Latin American countries. They meet once a year in order to strengthen relations and forge economic and commercial ties among its members, through the exchange of experiences in the narrative, design and management of country brands. Barcelona presented its City Brand strategy and took part in a benchmarking session with Argentina.

Before the end of the year, Barcelona City Council will have taken the city to other international events, including City Nation Place and Going Global Live in London, the Web Summit in Lisbon and the Noah Conference in Zurich.