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Catalan cooking

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Deeply rooted recipes...

  • Pa amb tomàquet

    On Catalan dining tables, bread is usually served in large, toasted slices rubbed with ripe tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil. Nothing could be more homely.

  • Mar i muntanya

    As we are surrounded by a natural environment (sea and mountains) that provides meat and fish, chefs have combined both on the hob for centuries. Mandonguilles amb sípia (cuttlefish meatballs) are a good example.

  • Allioli

    This is the most popular of all Catalan sauces. It is made from oil and garlic, as its name (all i oli) clearly suggests, accompanies anything from tomato bread to lots of different kinds of meat and adds the final touch to dishes such as black rice and cuttlefish.

  • A la llauna

    A really typical Barcelona culinary technique is the one known as “a la llauna” and traditionally used with salt cod. It means cooking on a tin plate in the oven.