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Chocolate Barcelona

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More than drinking chocolate...

  • Bonbons

    Chocolate is so firmly rooted among the city's pastry chefs that it is really easy to find chocolate sweets made in most cake shops. And there are lots of chocolate shops too, where you can even find some in the form of Barcelona souvenirs.

  • Ice creams

    Chocolate also has a place among the craft ice creams you can buy in the city. Lately, though, it has had to compete with new, very typical Catalan flavours that have just started to be used for ice cream, such as crema catalana cremada.

  • Mones de Pasqua

    One of the oldest traditions in Catalonia is to eat a mona on Easter Monday. In Barcelona, this traditional cake was turned into a chocolate figure by Escribà and, since then, all the other pastry chefs have been making sweet sculptures, loads of them.