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The vermouth, a tradition with history

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Going for a vermouth...

  • Soda siphon

    In Catalonia it is a long-standing tradition to add soda water from a siphon to the vermouth or wine you are having for your aperitif, and these days lots of places serve it as an essential part of the aperitif.

  • Cockles

    A good, traditional vermouth should always be accompanied by some good cockles, spiced with the traditional Espinaler sauce, a Catalan classic made with pepper and vinegar.

  • Olives

    There is no aperitif without olives. Sometimes you do not even have to ask because the waiter offers them with the drink.

  • Crisps

    Crisps are the third nibble in the Catalan trio that accompany the aperitif. They are often used instead of forks to scoop up the cockles with some sauce.