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Barcelona's markets

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Iconic historic markets

To explore Barcelona's markets more, you should begin with the more iconic ones, those which have a special significance for the city because of their character, design or location.

Modernista markets

Barcelona's first covered markets were built at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries. It was when Modernista (Catalan Art Nouveau) architecture was at its height, so many adopted that style. They are characterised by their large structures and high interiors, which give their neighbourhoods a lot of dignity.

Speciality markets

Aside from the food markets, Barcelona has fairs and markets where you can find all kinds of items, old and new. The best examples are the flea market, Encants - Fira de Bellcaire, and the Sunday market, Dominical de Sant Antoni, but there are fairs and markets in various parts of the city. Because there is a long tradition of collecting and of buying and selling antiques in the city.

Street markets

Barcelona folk love to make the most of the good weather and do things outdoors. So it is normal to find occasional food and craft markets in the city's streets and squares. Some have a long tradition and some are newer Some are weekly, while others are held at a particular time of the year. But they are all different, with their own identity, and could turn out to be a pleasant surprise.