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Bars and cocktail lounges with history

The city's neighbourhoods hide away charming establishments, full of history, such as the Boadas cocktail lounge, where Joan Miró and Ernest Hemingway savoured their drinks, Bar Pastís, a former French-style cabaret club, and the Modernista and much-loved London Bar and El Paraigua.

Terraces for drinks

These are the places for happy aperitifs, a quick beer after work, and, at night, a place to enjoy musical rhythms. There are sophisticated ones on the roof-tops of many hotels, where the Barcelona skyline is a treat to behold. The rule, as always, is respect the local residents' right to peace and quiet.

Live music

Barcelona offers live music practically every night, with jazz and flamenco tablaos performances and more modern venues that showcase the trendsetting music scene. Not to mention the many festivals and the stadiums and arenas playing host to big concerts.

Clubs and discos

You've got endless options for getting down on the dance floor as well as every possible genre to move to: for lovers of rock, garage, funk, commercial music, salsa etc. There are clubs and discos all over, in the centre and outside.

Theatres, shows and cafe concerts

Barcelona is a city of theatre and spectacle, and there is something for every taste: from the most classical to the more risqué large and small format productions, musicals, kids' shows, commercial productions and alternative shows, from the spectacular to the more intimate.