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Can Trilla

Download date: 10/04/2024


The first written documentation of Can Trilla dates back to 1728. Its current appearance is very different to how it used to look because of the alterations over the years.

  • Cultural heritage

A reminder of the farmhouses of Gràcia, in the cellars of Can Trilla the grapes were pressed and olive oil was made with the olives from the trees in the surrounding fields. The home of a well-to-do farmer, the 17th-century building included a side wing that was a chapel and a carpenter’s workshop, and another wing for the storehouses and stables (now a shop).
The paintings in the dome depicting architectural motifs are conserved in the 18th-century Baroque chapel. The Mare de Déu d’Agost gathering was held there in 1817 (15 August), representing the highest expression of popular culture in Gràcia. It is now a residence for nuns.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Can Trilla

C Gran de Gràcia, 177
la Vila de Gràcia

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Antiga construcció rural de planta rectangular dividida en quatre cossos d'edificació. El cos central era l'antic habitatge i està compost per planta baixa, dues plantes pis i golfes (en l'actualitat és residència de monges).Adossada a l'antiga façana principal -ara lateral- hi ha una capella barroca del segle XVIII on destaquen les pintures de la cúpula, molt ben conservades, que reprodueixen motius arquitectònics.

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