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Casa Fuster

Download date: 10/04/2024


The last work of the great Modernista architect Domènech i Montaner in Barcelona is Casa Fuster, which straddles the Eixample and Gràcia.

  • Cultural heritage

  • Accessibility
    Accessible for people with physical disabilities

Discreet Modernisme

Casa Fuster, which is considered by experts to be an exercise in expressive contention, is an extremely elegant building designed by one of the great Modernista architects, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, at the beginning of the 20th century, following the request of the lawyer Marià Fuster.

Designed and built between 1908 and 1911, the main material used was white marble, in keeping with the classic features of the artist’s work: Robust columns with a red stone base, floral ornamentation inspired by nature and trilobed windows. In addition, both its main facades are built around a rostrum in the shape of a tower that rises to the top of the building. in accordance with more rationalist lines, the building is topped by a series of curious garrets in the French style, which are quite unusual in Catalan Modernista architecture.

A hotel with a luxurious past

For decades, Casa Fuster housed the offices of the Enher electricity company and many famous people have lived there. Illustrious residents include the poet Salvador Espriu, to whom the gardens in front of the building are dedicated, on the last section of Passeig de Gràcia.

Today, following a renovation process carried out in 2004, Casa Fuster is now a luxury hotel owned by the Center company. This renovation also included restoring the famous Cafè Vienès, a truly unique space which was formerly a meeting point for artists and intellectuals, where fantastic jazz sessions are now held every Thursday.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Casa Fuster

Pg Gràcia, 132
la Vila de Gràcia


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