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Masia la Petita Maria

Download date: 10/04/2024


Tucked away in a back street you will find the remains of an old 19th-century farmhouse, called Petita Maria. Only the facade and parts of the walls are left standing.

  • Cultural heritage

Living history in Sants

Petita Maria’s facade still has its old sundial, although the sgraffiti that used to mark its hours are no longer there. Currently listed as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest, this rural building has the typical structure of a Catalan farmhouse , with a gable end roof and stone walls with a stucco facade. Petita Maria was already in an extremely dilapidated state when it was restored in 2010. That operation involved pulling down the damaged parts and reconstructing the facade with its original appearance. Apart from the elements holding it up, there is nothing else left.

A hopeful future

Barcelona City Council and local residents’ associations want to turn Petita Maria into a centre for neighbourhood facilities. There are a lot of associations interested in this but a big financial investment is required because the entire building needs to be rebuilt.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Masia la Petita Maria

C López Catalán, 4*6


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