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Santa Maria Reina Church

Download date: 21/06/2024


This Noucentista church is rather reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. The paintings on the main entrance portico pediment represent the Virgin, St Eulalia and St George.

  • Cultural heritage

The Santa Maria Reina complex is made up by the church itself, two cloisters and the belfry. It was sponsored by Josep Nicolau d’Olzina as a new residence for Montserrat’s monks and as his own mausoleum. It is one of the most original works from Catalan Noucentisme, and one of the most important work made in les Corts in the early 20th century. The whole complex is clearly influenced by the Florentine Renaissance, to be more precise, by the architect Brunelleschi and his Pazzi chapel, situated in the Santa Croce Church in Florence. Similarly, the dome of the church is clearly influenced by the Florentine baptistery of Sant Joan. The paintings in the church porch and the gardens are noteworthy. Especially remarkable is the sight of the church from Carrer d’Ardena, from right behind the main nave, which offers an exceptional view of this architectural complex, recalling Tuscany at its most representative.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Santa Maria Reina Church

Av Esplugues, 103
Les Corts

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