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Barcelona Shopping City

Barcelona is Catalonia's capital and its shopping capital too, with all kinds of shops selling anything you can imagine. In 1999 the local tourist board, Turisme de Barcelona, set up the Barcelona Shopping Line office to promote the city internationally as a shopping destination. This includes a 5 km network of the most emblematic shopping streets.

Not to be missed

Among Barcelona's small and medium-sized shops an important role is played by the centennial establishments, some of which preserve their Modernista decor. They can be found in every district and are deeply rooted in their neighbourhoods. They have seen history flow past and different generations have passed through them.

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Catalan crafts

Traditional earthenware pottery, leather accessories, designer jewellery in various materials, glass and wrought iron, paintings, sculptures and the list goes on. Handmade products in all their varieties can be found in little shops, especially in Ciutat Vella and Gràcia. They stock lots of Modernista-inspired designs, architectural reproductions and gift books.