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La Lleialtat Santsenca

Download date: 27/03/2023


There have been lots of stages in the life of the old co-op, La Lleialtat Santsenca. Today it is a centre for neighbourhood life and popular culture in Sants.

  • Cultural heritage

The Cooperativa La Lleialtat Santsenca was one of the first cooperatives to be created in the Sants District. According to records, it was founded as a consumer cooperative on 22 October 1891. With the gradual incorporation of new partners, La Lleialtat was eventually able to build its own headquarters, at Carrer d’Olzinelles 31. Work began in 1928 under the supervision of architect Josep Alemany. The building was later expropriated by the Franco regime and reopened in 1941, under Falangist management. The cooperative was finally dissolved in 1950, following its merger with the La Flor de Maig cooperative.

Over time, the building would come to house a turró (almond nougat bar) factory on its ground floor, as well as the Bahia festival hall on the first floor, which became a musical landmark in the Barcelona of the 1950s and 1960s. It later became a discotheque and finally closed down in 1988. The turró factory was also closed years later, at the start of the 21st century. The building was subsequently renovated to house facilities intended for associations.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

La Lleialtat Santsenca

Carrer d'Olzinelles, 31

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