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Plaça del Comerç

Download date: 22/09/2023


A black, cast-iron fountain stands in the middle of this square, the nerve centre of the neighbourhood’s associations. Local people know it as “clock square”.

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Plaça del Comerç has always been one of the locals’ favourite meeting points in Sant Andreu. This square was set up as the centre of the revolt during Tragic Week (1909). Actions were planned and weapons distributed there. Once news arrived that the soldiers were about to arrive, spirits were raised even higher and the multitude gathering in the square decided to set the Sant Andreu de Palomar Parish Church on fire.

This square is popularly known as Plaça del Rellotge (“clock square”) due to the large wall clock on it. The old Casinet de l’Avenç was on this square, now defunct, where some of Ignasi Iglésias’s plays premiered

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Plaça del Comerç

Pl Comerç, 6
Sant Andreu
Sant Andreu


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