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Casa Hurtado

Download date: 21/06/2024


Undulations, intertwined columns and a mix of different materials, such as stucco and masonry, are the main traits of this Modernista-style residence.

  • Cultural heritage

A residential building designed by Guillem Busquets Vautravens in 1906 and fully Catalan Art Nouveau in style. This house is made up of various elements at different heights. Its façades and interiors combine a whole series of materials very typical of Catalan Art Nouveau: wrought iron (fence, balconies and entrance gate), brick moulding, ceramic glaze and hydraulic mosaic made by the prestigious Casa Escofet. Casa Hurtado, graceful and elegant, is the only building in Avinguda de Pedralbes whose façade runs along the pavement and, as Gabriel Pernau says, it may have been the first house built in the area.

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Location and contact

Location and contact

Casa Hurtado

Av Pedralbes, 46
Les Corts

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Edifici residencial projectat per Guillem Busquets i Vautravens l'any 1905 inscrit plenament en l'estètica modernista.

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